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David and I were married in 2008 and enjoyed a fun and eventful life together. We enjoy time with our friends and family the most and especially love it when we can travel together! Our goal was to start expanding our family after we were married for 7 years however 7 years came and we had just started traveling more and more and really enjoying the places and cultures we went to visit. In 2019 we finally decided it was time to start our family and were beyond blessed with a beautiful little girl in 2020. 

I started working in retail when I moved to Utah from Oregon in 2007. I’ve always had an overachiever attitude when it came to my work and strived for the best positions I could manage. One store I worked at was commission-based and the drive for larger numbers started to grow in me and was creating something I couldn’t have even imagined for my life. Hearing my name on the Top 10 Salesperson list the next morning was always a highlight for me and made me want to beat my goals the next day. The stress of “the sharks” (is what we called them) started to become overwhelming and I needed to take a step back so I found a nice cushion desk job in customer service only to find myself once again in a numbers game. I’d start my day and see 20 or so tasks to complete and I would finish them before lunch, the next day I would see 50 tasks and I’d finish THEM before lunch… I was so fast and the drive to see how many tasks I could complete was very satisfying to me. My organizational skills started to get more refined and the love of growing and learning continued to increase. The company I was working for posted an in-house position that I couldn’t pass up. It was my dream! I always thought I would be great as someone’s assistant. I’ve always been able to anticipate others’ needs, I love helping others and I’ve always been very organized. Although the position was to be the Marketing Director’s assistant and I knew NOTHING about marketing, I applied anyway. He had to teach me excel, HTML, SYQL, how to run ads, and most importantly how to be a terrific boss. It was in this position that I realized that I was a very analytical person and that marketing was right where I needed to be. All day we updated report after report watching our keywords rank in Google, watching our social media numbers grow, and getting our ads lower and lower in cost. We had a great marketing team and the best environment. Sadly the company was merging and they didn’t need 2 marketing teams. We were all able to keep our jobs but our boss was let go and since I was helping him manage the team I was put in charge to keep everyone on task. After a few months, the merge changed the company’s dynamic, and no one was really happy in their positions. People started leaving one by one and I didn’t think it was going to be as long-lasting as I had once hoped. So I started searching for a new job. I wanted something in marketing, since I was really loving it. I was even promoted to their Social Media Specialist, so I started there, and lo and behold, a social media position in retail appeared. My two loves in one? How could that be? I was offered the job and we grew their whole marketing from the ground up. They were just starting an online boutique and needed help to grow outside of Utah. I’m so proud of my time at that boutique. I really got to do something I loved for 6+ years and I learned the ins and outs of owning a business from a truly wonderful mother. She had 2 kids and showed the importance of always putting their needs first while effortlessly running a multi-million dollar company. 

June 21, 2020. That was my due date. The date I would now long for. The date I would get to see my daughter. David and I always knew that I would stop working and stay home once we had children. And that’s what we did. I stopped working while I was pregnant and enjoyed taking care of our home, working in the ministry full time, and getting ready for the baby. Ella arrived 1.5 weeks late, right on time. Becoming a stay-at-home mom in the middle of a pandemic had its challenges and this overachiever needed an outlet. 

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own boutique. I’ve never been a fan of following trends although I want to stay current and look “up-to-date” I hated trendy stores. After one or two washes, the quality was gone. You could barely wear a dress for one season without it falling apart! I wanted to create a place that was like me. A little traditional, a little on-trend, but most of all, easy and fashionable. I don’t like being the center of attention. I like being around my people and building each other up. And that’s what I want my style to reflect. I don’t want to be too showy or wear something so blah that it actually ends up being a point of conversation. When I had a fashion blog back in 2010 it was named The Polished Monkey because that’s how I felt my style was, a little bit trendy; but mostly, an outfit that came together and looked polished. 

When Ella was one year old, we sold my car and started making our dreams a reality. Then when I needed to purchase my first seasonal collection, I sold my peloton. I don’t want my dreams to cause any debt for our family and I want to show Ella how to work hard and be in charge of her own money. I love being home with Ella every day. She has already started to help me package orders. She puts stickers on our shipping bags and hands me hangers for the clothes. David asked me if my goal is to open a physical store ever and my answer is no. My goal is to be always online so that Ella can always be with me. 

Thank you for making my dreams come true and letting me be both a stay-at-home mom and a business owner. Ella Faye Mission

At Ella Faye Boutique our vision is to bring confidence to your style. Normalizing the everyday woman by providing an affordable, fashion-forward community. My goal is to make you feel welcome. This community is backed by a brand of like-minded women who prioritize equality, respect, and kindness for people. As we serve women of every age, shape, and ethnicity our brand and community will continually grow into something more beautiful. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Right now, it’s just me behind the scenes and I offer myself to you whenever you need me! I’m most active on Instagram or chat with me on my website www.ellafayeboutique.com. As I grow, expect nothing less than exceptional customer service. I always want you to feel good after you connect with Ella Faye. Safe and secure payment options are a top priority. 

Fast Shipping

We offer fast shipping that is free on U.S.orders over $60. You may also choose if you would like your items shipped USPS or UPS! Additionally, our free delivery for Salt Lake City locals is always an available feature. 

Convenient Returns

Simple and convenient returns guarantee if you’re ever dissatisfied with a product. I am genuinely dedicated and committed to my customers by providing outstanding customer service while striving to always be better. 

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